Looking to build fierce loyalty and lasting relationships with your practice’s clients? Make it fun to do business with you! After all, the pet world is a funny, loving, warm and fuzzy world, and it pays to celebrate and support the pet-people bonds in your town.

Halloween is a great time to offer a fun time — and excellent service — to the pet owners in your community… and to stand apart from other practices.

Here are 5 tips to make your Halloween party “scary good;” something your clients will love and remember, making it worthwhile for them and for you.

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About 18 months ago, we posted a blog entry that explained how a three-month lead-time is the general rule of thumb when working with your contractor to specify and order veterinary work centers, cabinets, kennels, and other equipment.

We mentioned that practice owners and architects have been surprised by the length of time it can take from design to completion when building or renovating a practice… and sometimes this can be a cause of frustration.

The great news is — today our lead-time is typically shorter than three months for most veterinary medical equipment and supplies. Now our team can accommodate most production schedules. See what this means to you. 

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Veterinary open houses – are they worth doing? Do they really bring in new business, and most importantly, more revenue?

Some clinics would say no, open houses haven’t worked for them. Other practices love opening their doors for a local pet-parent celebration during the holidays or as an annual neighborhood event.

So what’s the difference between the clinic teams that feel Open Houses are “totally worth it” versus “a waste of time?” Let’s find out.

Here are 3 Open House ideas we found that really work as part of a smart veterinary business plan.

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If your veterinary practice is looking to make some nice revenue from boarding, daycare and/or dog grooming services this summer — we’d like to help you. After all, we talk with practices all the time to create successful dog kennel designs, and we’ve seen some awesome ideas for boosting bookings.

Summer’s a great time to offer incentives and extras that will make local pet parents choose you for boarding and grooming.

Here are some ideas to help you showcase your veterinary boarding services and equipment, so local pet owners know why you’re the best choice this summer.

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Top 5 Questions About Our Equipment for Veterinary Construction

Here at TriStar Vet, we’ve been manufacturing stainless steel veterinary equipment and supplies since for more than 20 years. In that time, we have worked side-by-side with contractors, architects, practice owners and others in the veterinary construction world to make sure our animal care equipment is perfect for safe, clean, ergonomic and lasting performance that stands up over years of use.

Each new job brings a number of questions from the professionals working on a new construction or renovation project.

Here, we answer the top five questions we receive from professionals involved in veterinary construction projects.

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You can expect the 2016 flea and tick season to be a doozy, depending on where you live. For instance, local veterinarians in Amarillo, TX, “believe the early warm weather will cause flea and tick season to start early this year.” Instead of May, they predicted March. Wow — that’s two extra months with flea and tick patients. How about in your area?

If you haven’t checked out the parasite prevalence maps from CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Council, you may want to take a look at the latest numbers in your county. And no matter what you find, you can be sure you’ll be treating infected animals this year as always, right?

The TriStar Vet team has put together an animal equipment and supplies checklist to manage a busy flea and tick season.  

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Really impressed with all aspects of the process and service.

Wandering through the 650+ exhibit hall booths at the NAVC Conference 2016 as well as the 500+ booths at the Western Veterinary Conference 2016… we were struck by the many exciting innovations presented in the field of animal care, from breakthrough diagnostic tests to the latest in wearable “smart” technology. We were proud to display our new and ever-popular veterinary equipment among them, showing how we can save you time, steps and even your back.

But as we walked through the halls and also scanned the scientific programs, one thing stood out as a recurring theme from exhibitors and speakers alike:

This is the year of advanced cat care and feline-friendly practices. Here’s how our TriStar Vet team supports your exceptional cat care efforts.

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Each year, the AVMA designates February as National Pet Dental Health Month to boost pet-owner awareness about the critical need for professional oral care visits. This year (as always), they have web resources to help you with client education. TriStar Vet photo: Se these tips on veterinary dental equipment and more during the AVMA-designated February National Pet Dental Health Month

It’s fine that dental health gets a big boost in February. But as one of the industry’s top manufacturers of veterinary dental equipment — we also know that promoting pet dental health to your clients is a year-round effort. It requires persistent client education and encouragement to promote regular oral exams, dental cleanings, prevention through brushing and other methods, and early treatment to avoid serious health problems.

So, how do you make sure local pet owners know that a) dental care is mandatory for the best health possible… and b) you’re the #1 choice for their pets’ dental and oral care?

To support your success and bring in more visits, TriStar Vet presents “5 Veterinary Dental Tips to Improve Pet Health All Year”

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My name is Ryan Boles, I recently purchased a grooming tub from you all.
I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my experience with your company, because of my sales rep, Wanda.
I realize, for your company, I made a smaller purchase, but I was still given such top notch customer service! Wanda not only answered all my questions (and believe me, I had alot of questions!), she was always so prompt with replying. I would even think of questions at night and e mail her then, so I wouldn’t forget, and she would reply after hours, to try to help me! That is great customer service, that is going above and beyond!
I actually work at a vet office/dog boarding/doggie daycare facility, groom dogs on the side and run my own dog rescue. I am very evolved with all types of animal operations, and I will definitely be recommending you all and happily send them to Wanda, to be taken care of.
I truly appreciate every aspect of my experience with you all. I just wanted to thank you and Wanda for that!