Ergonomics – Where & Why

Ergonomics is a word people hear all the time but don’t really stop and think about it. They think it doesn’t really apply to them or their veterinary hospital. But ergonomics is what hospital design and creating a positive working environment is all about, it is taking your practice and making all of the workspaces both user and patient friendly and comfortable. Knowing where ergonomics is important and why it is important is key, and then knowing how it can be incorporated into an existing facility can help you transform your hospital. When discussing ergonomics and how to include it into a practice many people tend to think “that sounds great if I was starting from scratch and building a new hospital but I already have an existing facility,” but there are some practical ways to incorporate ergonomics into our existing hospital.


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The TriStar Difference!

For more than 25 years, TriStar Vet has manufactured custom stainless steel equipment. We’ve continued to show our dedication to the animal care industry and animal health professionals as we have brought innovative animal care products to market.


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History of TriStar

My dad Richard Batterton, Sr. founded TriStar in 1986 in our family garage. He was a welder by trade, a true master craftsman and I was his apprentice. He started out making custom stainless pieces for anybody who needed anything. Eventually our small family business started to grow and we moved our company to Boyd, a small farming community outside of Fort Worth, TX. We manufactured all kinds of stuff from architectural hand rails to stainless cabinetry for military hospitals and Airforce bases.


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