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Custom Gallery

We work alongside veterinary teams to identify what will make life easier every day. Count on us to design convenient, practical and ergonomic equipment that will last the lifetime of your practice.

  • Kennels (38 photos)

    TriStar Vet dog kennel panels, runs, floors and other equipment are not only stylish, they include important safety and comfort features for pets while keeping your team happy too.
  • Cat Condos (9 photos)

    Let TriStar Vet design the perfect single, double or triple stacked boarding options for your space — even tall cat condos for narrow areas — with special features that make life easier for busy practices.
  • Exam Rooms (2 photos)

    Don’t let our simple veterinary table designs fool you: we included exclusive user benefits underneath the surface.
  • Treatment-Surgery (25 photos)

    Designed for busy practices: veterinary exam room and treatment equipment featuring our patented Water-Flo top, a fluid-rinsing system that dramatically reduces cleanup time.
  • Cages (11 photos)

    Based on the way you work, we eliminated the center-bracing bar so it’s easier to place a large dog in a cage. Plus we offer an optional divider panel that creates two separate enclosures for smaller patients.
  • Ads for Veterinary Equipment (7 photos)

    The latest Ads from DVM, Vet Econ, Veterinary Practice News...