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16-Inch Deep Drop-In Tubs for Vet Clinics
45 Degree Sides Bathing Tub
60″ Wet Prep Table Top for Veterinary Offices
Bathing Tub Elevated Grates
Bathing Tub Floor Grates
Cat Condo Powder Coated Kitty Litters
Cat Condo Powder Coated Triple
Cat Condos Powder Coated Double
Column H
Column Low Boy
Column Off Set
Column Standard
Column Y
Dog Bathing Tub with Full Sides for Small and Medium Size Breeds
Dog Bathing Tub with Swivel Ramp
Door Bowl Feeder
Double Scrub Sink for Veterinary Surgery Prep
Electric Flat Top Surgery Table
Electric Mobile Lift Table for Veterinarians
Electric V Top Surgery Table for Veterinarians
Fecal Faucet
Foot Pedal Faucet for Hands-Free Use
Hydraulic Dog Bath Tub for Large and Extra Large Breeds
Isolation Unit
Kennel Back Panel SS
Kennel Back Panel Starlite
Kennel Cover
Kennel Glass Door
Kennel Guillotine Door
Kennel Mount Infusion Platforms
Kennel Rain Glass Door
Kennel Resting Bench SS
Kennel Rod Door
Kennel Side Panel SS
Kennel Side Panel Starlite
Kennel Trough Cover SS
Kennel Trough Cover Starlite
Lower 1 Door
Lower 1 Door 1 Drawer
Lower 1 Door 5 Drawer
Lower 2 Door
Lower 2 Door 2 Drawer
Lower 8 Drawer
Medical Pass Thru
Medical Window
Powder Coat Colors for Kennel Walls
Raised Dog Kennel Flooring for Veterinary Offices
Raised Kennel Collection Pan
Raised Kennel Glass Door
Raised Kennel Rod Door
Raised Kennel Stainless Steel Back Pane
Raised Kennel Stainless Steel Side Panel
Raised Kennel Starlite Back Panel
Raised Kennel Starlite Side Panel
Single Scrub Sink for Veterinary Surgery Prep
Single Stack Vet Cages
Split Level
Stainless Steel Double
Stainless Steel Modular Cabinets – Lower 4 Drawer for Veterinary Offices
Stainless Steel Trench Drain
Stainless Steel Triple
Stainless Steel Veterinary Fecal Station
Stainless Steel Veterinary Kennel Prep Table
Starlite Colors for Kennel Wall Panels
Step in Grooming Tub for Medium or Large Dogs
Trench Drains for Animal Shelters
Trench Drains for Gyms
Trench Drains for Hospitals
Trench Drains for Vet Clinics
Upper Glass Double
Upper Glass Single
Upper Open Double
Upper Open Single
Upper SS Double
Upper SS Single
Veterinary Basket Drain
Veterinary Bathing Tub Shampoo Racks
Veterinary Clean Cages
Veterinary Deep Tub – Modular Wet Prep
Veterinary Double Door Medical Cabinet
Veterinary Double Stacked Parvo Cage
Veterinary Electric Lowboy Grooming Table
Veterinary Equine Scale
Veterinary Exam 1 Door 3 Drawer Cabinet
Veterinary Exam 6 Drawer Cabinet
Veterinary Fecal Sink
Veterinary Feline Scale
Veterinary Grate Inclinator
Veterinary Grate Inserts
Veterinary Grooming 4” Center Faucet
Veterinary Grooming Catch All Hair Trap
Veterinary Infrared Deck Mount Faucet
Veterinary Infrared Wall Mount Faucet
Veterinary Kennel Card Holders
Veterinary Kennel Resting Bench
Veterinary Medical Cabinet w/Base
Veterinary Mobile ICU
Veterinary Removable Exam Top
Veterinary Scales
Veterinary Scrub Sink w/Counter Top
Veterinary Split Level Tub
Veterinary Stationary Mobile Treatment Tables
Veterinary Surgery Prep Table
Veterinary Table Wall Mount End Folding
Veterinary Titan Cage
Veterinary Treatment Column Extension
Veterinary Treatment Pass-Thru Dry Column Island
Veterinary Utility Faucet
Veterinary Utility Table
Veterinary Wall Mount End Folding Exam Table
Veterinary Wall Mount Side Folding Exam Table
Veterinary Wall Mount-Fixed Exam Table
Veterinary Waterflo 1 Door 3 Drawer
Veterinary Waterflo 2 Door
Veterinary Waterflo 2 Door 3 Drawer Pass Thru
Veterinary Waterflo 3 Drawer Added Knee
Veterinary Waterflo 3 Drawer Open Center
Veterinary Waterflo Drop In Top
Veterinary Wet Prep 1 Door 3 Drawer
Veterinary Wet Prep 2 Door
Veterinary Wet Prep 2 Door 3 Drawer Pass Thru
Veterinary Wet Prep 3 Drawer Added Knee
Veterinary Wet Prep 3 Drawer Open Center
Veterinary Wet Prep Drop In Tubs
Water Flo
Wet Prep
Wing Handle

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Veterinary Folding Exam Tables
Lower Cabinets
Animal Scales
Upper Cabinets
Exam Room Cabinets
Veterinary Treatment Equipment
Work Islands
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Surgery Scrub Sinks for Veterinary Offices
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