How A Specialized Wet Prep Top Can Save You Time and Money

What is this water-flo thing anyway? We make most of our equipment from type 304 stainless. It’s durable, beautiful and super sanitary. It’s ideal for medical treatment areas where spreading of disease is always a concern. When you’re performing a dental procedure on an animal, it can become very messy, very quickly and it’s not easy to clean up dried body matter, even off of stainless. With that in mind, we designed our patented water-flo system. It’s a specialized veterinary wet prep top that is engineered to provide a flow of water (from the knee space end) to wash fluids into the drain. Laying the animal on the grate, when the procedure starts you turn on the water flo system, sending a light flow of water cascading downward to the drain, keeping it wet, which slows the drying process. The blood/matter goes through the slots in the grate and down onto the tub surface, which slopes from 3” deep to 4” deep at the drain to promote what we refer to as positive drainage. When the procedure is finished, you can wipe down the tub surface and sanitize in minutes with no use of harsh abrasives which can scratch and dull the surface. We find the Vet Techs at the tradeshows bring their doctors by to see the water-flo unit because they know how much easier the system makes clean up, and let’s face it, in a busy practice, time is money.

TriStar Patented Water-Flo system – U.S. patent #6,279,510