Foot Pedal Faucet for Hands-Free Use

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At TriStar Vet, our hands-free faucets are thoughtfully designed to prioritize the hygiene of your staff and patients. Our foot pedal faucet offers convenience and easy clean-up, with advanced features that you can rely on for years to come.

Veterinary Hands Free Faucet

  • Wall mount rigid 8” gooseneck (used in conjunction with B-0475 or B-0507)
  • Knee action valve — Heavy-duty cam acting stirrup. The valve will remain in a set position for hot, cold, or mixed water.
  • Foot action valve — Self-closing valve featuring a rough chrome body with highly polished chrome foot pedals.

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Veterinary Foot Pedal Faucets With Convenient, Efficient Clean-Up

To keep your patients safe and healthy throughout their procedure, we’ve designed hands-free faucets with easy wall mounting. Our foot-activated faucets make clean-up simple and efficient, adding a new level of functionality and flexibility to your practice. Whether you’re searching for the perfect complement to our double scrub sink or single scrub sink, our advanced foot pedal faucet takes the hassle out of clean-up during and after surgical procedures.

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