Veterinary Feline Scale

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TriStar Vet makes safe, reliable, and easy-to-use feline scales that provide a gentle, stress-free experience for your furry patients. Get accurate readings every time and improve your standard of care. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use at the office or in the field.

Key Benefits of Our Feline Scales

  • Accurate & reliable readings
  • Easy to operate “HOLD” feature
  • Compact & light weight feline scale
  • Internal battery or AC powered
  • 44 pounds capacity / 20 kilograms

Our cat scale also includes an internal battery or AC power pack.

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Accurate, Lightweight Feline Scales for Veterinary Practices

Remodeling your vet clinic or looking to upgrade outdated equipment? Our veterinary scales are manufactured specifically for veterinary clinics to stand up to daily wear and tear and withstand constant use while looking as good as new. The advanced veterinary feline scale comes with an easy-to-operate “HOLD” feature, making it ideal for accurate readings on four-legged patients.

Accurate Scale Readings Are Important for Cat Health

Every veterinarian knows the importance of accurate, reliable readings when it comes to the health of our furry friends.

While many pet owners might believe that their cats are eating because they linger at the food bowl, it can be difficult to tell whether they’re eating the same amount as they normally do—especially if there’s another cat in the household.

Because cats don’t tell us when they’re not feeling well, monitoring a cat’s weight is integral to evaluating their overall health. Weighing a cat regularly can also help veterinarians assess small changes that aren’t always visible, such as responses to medication, pregnancy, and other feline health conditions.

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At TriStar Vet, our experienced engineering team manufactures and designs veterinary supplies and scales for veterinary clinics across the United States and Canada. Our high-quality cat scales provide a convenient, reliable way to assess the health of your four-legged patients. Shop our products today and find out why so many veterinarians count on us for their animal care needs.