For vets, animal shelters and doggy daycare providers, kennels are integral for maintaining an organized and safe environment. Tristar Vet is proud to offer professional kennel systems, runs and housing accessories that work for animals and spaces of all sizes. Our stylish kennels are crafted in heavy gauge stainless steel and designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for four-legged residents, while offering advanced features for ease of cleaning.

Tristar Vet can even help your vet clinic, boarding facility or shelter design a custom kennel system that fits your needs and budget.

Why Invest in TriStar Vet Kennels?

Tristar Vet veterinary kennels are constructed in the USA and feature the finest in materials and craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor kennels, we offer a wide range of housing solutions that are affordably priced, and designed with the comfort and safety of both pets and veterinary staff in mind. The contemporary, space-saving designs complement any veterinary practice, shelter or luxury boarding facility, and are guaranteed to last for years to come. If you are looking for durable, cost-effective commercial dog kennels for sale, try TriStar Vet.

Commercial Dog Kennels for Sale

Our customizable commercial kennels are of are of the highest quality craftsmanship, using durable stainless steel for longevity and easy cleaning. Our customers rave about the durability and easy maintenance of our stainless-steel kennels, which feature:

  • 1 ¼” stainless steel square tube frames (compared to 1” industry standard)
  • A cross break for added strength and maximum durability
  • Innovative side panel design prevents cross contamination
  • Doors that swing both ways to assist with aggressive dogs and allow kennel runs in narrow areas
  • One-handed door operation – perfect for squirmy dogs
  • Quiet operation – ¼” stainless steel grill doors are tack-welded to prevent rattling

Enhanced welding and additional security features ensure dogs remain in their kennels with no chance for even the most clever and sneaky pooches to escape.

To ensure a cleaner enclosure, our kennels include stainless steel rods that are welded from the bottom frame. This prevents urine, fecal matter, and water from becoming trapped underneath, where they can accumulate bacteria.

The addition of a spring-loaded latch also allows users to effortlessly open and shut the door using a single hand and minimal physical pressure.

Additional features include:

  • A feeding door
  • Raised or rod door design
  • Resting benches
  • Kennel and trough covers

Choose from Multiple Kennel Styles for Your Business

Our kennels come in various styles. We provide fully visible kennel glass doors as well as rain glass doors for privacy when animals are at rest. Our doors swing in and out for greater efficiency when working with larger or multiple canines. All glass doors are made from tempered glass for high durability and to minimize noise pollution.

Some kennels and kennel doors also come with elaborate designs for customers looking to give their pets the five-star treatment, such as at a high-end boarding facility.

Professional Kennel Systems

Our outdoor and indoor dog kennel systems are designed with longevity, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness in mind. In other words, they are designed for both the pets and the people that care for them. Contact Tristar Vet for the best in stainless steel kennels, veterinary clinic animal housing supplies and accessories at competitive prices.

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