TriStar Vet is one of North America’s top providers of professional dog grooming equipment. For more than 35 years, our innovative, engineer-designed grooming tubs have sold to veterinarians, luxury boarding facilities, animal shelters, and doggy day care providers. Look no further to reduce the workload and make a long-lasting investment that holds up under heavy use.


Professional Dog Grooming Equipment for Sale 


Dog Grooming Tubs: All TriStar Vet dog bath tubs are proudly built in America for maximum durability in single sheets of fully welded, heavy-duty 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel, guaranteed not to leak. Safety is guaranteed with secure leash rail and D-ring anchors. Practical slopes guide water down the drain, keeping the pet’s feet out of standing water. Save your back with optional features like a pet ledge or grate guide system.


Dog Grooming Tables: The Electric Lowboy grooming table goes as low as 6 inches or as high as 42 inches to suit dogs of all sizes, with a load capacity up to 250 pounds on the oversized 24×42” tabletop. Easily move your mobile grooming table on its caster wheel, or lock it into place for stationary servicing. The foot switch allows for convenient, hands-free operation. Each table purchase includes the post, clamp, top, and bellows cover.


Dog Grooming Tub Grates: All TriStar grooming tub grates are made from 0.40 HDPE encased in a 304 stainless steel frame, perforated with 0.475 holes. Grates are included with every dog grooming tub you purchase from us, but you may opt to modify your system with a two-inch elevated Bathing Tub Floor Grate or Bathing Tub Elevated Grate purchased separately to suit changing needs.


Dog Grooming Tools and Uses


TriStar Vet has everything you need to run a professional grooming operation. Dog grooming accessories include:


  • Shampoo Racks in back or side-mount, gallon or quart-sized, to hold your cleaning products within reach.
  • 4” Center Faucets, which have wall-mounted sprayers with a vacuum breakers and durable stainless steel hoses.
  • Hose Kits featuring 72” of strong and lightweight hose, with quick disconnect, shut-off valve, and shower spray.
  • Catch-All Hair Trap for easy cleaning of bathing tubs, prep cabinets, and sinks with manual unscrew end-caps.
  • Basket Drains in stainless steel, complete with nut, gasket, and sealing washer to fit any basic size sink.


If you’re tired of continually replacing cheap equipment manufactured overseas, then switch to TriStar Vet products to experience the difference of truly high-quality professional dog grooming, boarding, and veterinary care equipment.


Consider our many dog grooming tools and uses, and then contact us for a free personal consultation to see how we can best fit your needs.

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