Veterinary Titan Cage

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Why did we name our sturdiest veterinary cages “TITAN?”

Because these heavy-gauge stainless steel cage panels and doors are legendary for their strength and stamina.

Our Titan veterinary recovery cage panels never fall out of alignment, and they hold up to animals of all sizes, day after day.

When our team set out to design the strongest veterinary cages available, we started with 18GA stainless steel, the heaviest weight in the animal care industry. Then we made sure our cages deliver the following list of benefits you’ll only find here:

  • Quiet sound absorption: Flimsier stainless steel makes noise when animals walk on it
  • Easy cleaning: Our urine-retaining edge keeps fluids from rolling out of the cage, while the rounded corners allow you to fully clean every inch of the interior
  • No more sagging doors – ever! 16GA stainless steel door hinges counteract sagging doors
  • One-handed closure: 12 gauge super duty slam latch, very helpful when you’re holding a pet
  • Firm flooring: Heavy stainless means no warping or shifting over time
  • Resists leaks: Our fully welded design eliminates “leaky seams” and provides added durability
  • Rust-free: All stainless steel fasteners
  • Safer than other cages: Latch can be padlocked for added safety
  • Reinforced corners: Exclusive to TriStar Vet, mean your cages will stand the test of time
  • Complete cleaning: Lift off hinges allow door to completely lift off for access to all surfaces
  • Smooth, safe finish: All edges are ground and polished; nothing to catch hair or dirt


  • Top and side trim packages available to achieve a finished look
  • Mobile base constructed of 1 ¼” stainless tubing on locking casters

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