At TriStar Vet, there is one important goal we have in common with our clients; to create a better, healthier way of life for the animals in our world. Our team is passionate about their purpose, and work hard to create practical, long-lasting veterinary equipment that meets the same sanitization standards we set for humans—and ensures a comfortable stay for our furry friends. Animal-focused businesses across the US and Canada have been trusting us for years to create custom solutions for their pet-lodging needs. If you’re looking to add new cat condos to your facility, call us or read on to see how we can create the perfect set-up for you.

Our Luxury Cat Condos Offer Convenience
Our team has been developing cat condos for vets, boarding facilities, and animal shelters for years. We understand the unique needs of the professionals working with the animals, as well as the natural urges of the cat itself. Each of our luxury cat condos are created using moisture-resistant stainless steel and powder-coated metal, coupled with tempered glass and specially-designed coved corners that hold up against any drips, leaks or fluid buildup. The thing our clients often love most though, is the easy-close “slam” latches that helps you keep things secure even when things get a bit chaotic throughout the work day.

Our Cat Condos Create Comfort
Our favorite part about felines is that they never seem to lose their natural, wild instincts. Each of our cat condos are designed using horizontal and vertical portals that fulfill a cat’s natural desire to explore, climb, perch and socialize. Having separated areas—along with perforated PVC ventilation tubes—also ensures cleanliness of the enclosure. Litter boxes can be separated from the main living areas, with additional storage above, leaving a clean space for the kittens and cats to lounge. We’re confident that you, your customers and the cats you’re treating will fall in-love with the thoughtful design of each of our cat condos.

Our Cat Condos are Custom-Fitted for Your Space
We’ve worked with countless clients to fit and install condos in even the narrowest of spaces. We can provide different dimensions based on the size of your cat, and create unique single-, double- or triple-stacked configurations. We’ll also install the new cat condos for you and continue to service you well beyond your purchase, ensuring that your equipment is something that will last a lifetime.

Call or email us today to see how we can custom fit and install luxury cat condos into your space.

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