Kennel Rain Glass Door

SKU: 1036-GRD 35 1/2” W x 75 1/2” H | 1048-GRD 47 1/2” W x 75 1/2” H | 1060-GRD 59 1/2” W x 75 1/2” H Category:
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Tempered Glass Kennel Door with Rain Panel

Rain panel kennel doors hide nose prints by distorting the glass, yet creates a sense of openness by allowing light to show through. In addition, it may also provide a sense of privacy when animals are resting. This panel eliminates the need of constantly cleaning the bottom glass door.  The rain panel is 36″ high to block the view of taller dogs.

  • 1 ¼” stainless steel tubing frame is miter cut to create a pleasing aesthetic (Miter-diagonally joined at the corner)
  • ¼ tempered glass doors, great for noise control & provides an open boarding feel
  • Kennel doors swing both in and out to assist with large or aggressive dogs and to allow kennel runs in narrow areas
  • No bottom rail to trip over or trap urine, feces or fur
  • Positive spring loaded latch allows one- handed operation & assures door can’t be pushed open once closed
  • Decorative door handles for luxury boarding appeal
  • Great for renovating in existing spaces
  • Wall angles to attach doors to block wall included/standard

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