We’ve spent a lot of time in veterinary practices, understanding what you need nearby as you work. The result? Medical storage units that keep supplies organized, within reach.

With our stainless steel lower medical storage units, you get to pick which door and drawer configurations match your needs perfectly.

Constructed of indestructible 18-gauge type 304 stainless steel, our cabinets feature lift-off hinges allowing doors to be removed for routine cleaning. Our Lower Modular Case Work Units include these drawer and door combinations:

All-drawer options: Lower-4 Drawer and Lower-8 Drawer
Simple door-only options: Lower-1 Door and Lower-2 Door
Door-and-drawer options: Lower-1 Door/1 Drawer, Lower-1 Door/5 Drawer, or Lower-2 Door/2 Drawer

Which combinations are right for you? We can help you decide.

Contact us for design assistance at 877.459.7827 or

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