Stainless Steel Veterinary Fecal Station

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Stainless Steel Fecal Station for Veterinarians

TriStar Vet’s exclusive veterinary fecal sinks are unique in the industry and specifically designed for the safe handling of fecal and lab samples. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction provides durability and easy cleaning. Equipped with a convenient side drainboard, our fecal sink gives you a place to work without contaminating countertops. Perform your tests on the drainboard and simply wash away samples when you’re done!

Key Features of Our Veterinary Fecal Sinks

  • 33” x 21 1/2” overall
  • 15” L x 15” W x 9 1/2” D Clean sink
  • 6” L x 15” W x 5” D Fecal sink with 6” L x 15” W drainboard
  • Constructed of 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel
  • Faucet sold separately

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Keep Clients Clean and Healthy with High-Quality Veterinary Sinks

To keep patients clean during routine check-ups and surgical procedures, veterinarians need quality veterinary sinks that are made with their staff and clients in mind.

Traditional fecal testing procedures leave room for contamination, putting both the sample and staff at risk. With the fecal sink TriStar solution, you can perform all of your sample tests directly in the drainboard area, easily washing away all fecal matter when you’re finished.

With our vet fecal sinks, you’ll never worry about messy clean ups or contaminated countertops. 

Here’s how you can use our innovative sinks to conduct tests of fecal samples:

  • Prepare the fecal sample on our unique stainless steel drainboard/work surface that is built into the sink.
  • Still working in the drainboard area, add the fecal sample and reagent onto a slide and run the test. There’s no need to place sample materials on the counter!
  • Easily wash everything down the drain.

Upgrade Your Clinic With EXCLUSIVE Fecal Sink TriStar Vet Solutions

At TriStar Vet, our pet care experts carefully design and manufacture veterinary fecal sinks, dog wash sinks, and other equipment solutions for veterinarians across North America. Our stainless steel fecal sinks are built with easy maintenance, long-term durability, and safety in mind.

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