Veterinary Treatment Tables

Whether you operate a veterinary clinic, luxury boarding facility, animal shelter, or doggy daycare, the care of animals is at the heart of your practice. You can position your staff for success by equipping your practice with top-of-the-line veterinary treatment tables by TriStar Vet. We bring together superior craftsmanship and practical designs, developed through years of listening to professionals explain what they need from their veterinary treatment equipment. The result is our line of high-performance treatment tables built from sturdy and sanitary stainless steel.

Water Flo Tables

Sanitation is one of the most critical aspects of any animal care practice. But cleaning up thoroughly between patients is time-consuming. That’s why we’ve engineered an easier, faster solution: Our water flo tables. When you’re finished treating an animal or performing a dental procedure, simply hose down this innovative veterinary treatment table, and watch the fluids drain into the side drain. The tub slopes gently to allow for natural drainage.

Wet Prep Tables

Your lineup of vet treatment equipment wouldn’t be complete without the wet prep tables available from TriStar Vet. Designed with ergonomic features with an eye for maximum efficiency, our wet prep tables allow vets and vet techs to improve sterilization procedures while reducing cleanup time. Both the water flo and non-water flo tables include the pass-thru dental shelf and drawer system. Everything you’ll need can be kept at arm’s length.

Drop-in Tub

TriStar Vet’s drop-in tub makes it easy to care for a domesticated animal of any size. Our mess-free approach to design includes a stainless steel grate for the easy drainage of fluids, with a slope inclinator available. It’s constructed of the sturdiest material in the industry—16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel.

Work Islands

During our time visiting busy veterinary practices, the TriStar Vet team has observed what practitioners really need from their work islands: Convenience, accessibility, and functionality. Our work islands are endlessly customizable to ensure that every practice has what it needs to get the job done. Choose your own design from our many configurations of columns, shelves, doors, and drawers—all designed to keep what you need within arm’s reach.

Find your ideal configuration of veterinary treatment equipment with help from our team of experts. Call us today or request a catalog for more information about our exceptional veterinary treatment tables for clinics, luxury boarding facilities, and animal shelters. Get a free personal consultation by contacting us at 877.459.7827or

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