Our veterinary cage panels and doors are built with the strongest stainless steel in the industry.

Two reasons why veterinary practices choose TriStar Vet cages.

  1. No warping floors or misaligned doors. Our veterinary cages are made with the heaviest gauge stainless steel on the market, for performance that lasts.
  2. Exceptionally sanitary for your patients and your staff. We took our hand-welded and hand-polished stainless steel cage panels and doors, and added a perforated sub floor that allows fluids to drain away from patients. Plus, our removable collection pans make cleaning a snap, even during use.

We’ve literally walked the floor with veterinarians to see how patients are cared for during procedure prep and recovery. As a result, we designed two styles of veterinary cages to make sure you have exactly what you need in your busy practice.

The TriStar Veterinary TITAN Cage: Our heaviest-gauge stainless cages are legendary for their strength and stamina

The TriStar Veterinary Recovery Clean Cage unit was the first to offer a number of special features for quick cleaning without removing the patient. Our large dog cage is great for the big dogs, and we include a divider panel that, when inserted, creates two separate enclosures for smaller patients.
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