Once our dog kennel panels are installed in your practice, you’ll never have to think about them again except for routine cleaning.

We understand that back panels serve as the anchor for most veterinary dog kennel designs. That’s why we build them to quietly stand the test of time.

The only tough part may be choosing between our hand polished stainless steel panels or Starlite color kennel panels.

  • Our popular stainless steel kennel back panels are hand-welded, double wall 20-gauge stainless steel sheet metal with a cross break for added strength. Nothing else is stronger. And to reduce sound, each panel is lined with high-density foam. Plus there are no gaps or openings to trap fur, urine or feces.
  • Top-to-bottom full-color Starlite kennel back panels are supported in a heavy-duty, stainless steel frame. Each panel is made of FDA-approved, Starlite (high density polyethylene), similar to cutting board material it is abrasion, moisture, stain and odor resistant. It’s a great option for clients seeking to add color without compromising durability & strength.
  • Back panel guillotine door options are ideal when you have a back-to-back kennel design because it provides easy and safe access to the adjoining kennel.

All our back panels are available in standard and custom sizes to suit your practice layout. Ask your sales rep for free Starlite color samples.
If you need assistance in choosing the right dog kennel panels…
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