Cat Condos Powder Coated Double

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Powder Coated Double Stack Cat Condos

29” W x 59” H x 29” D Cat Condos with 2 Enclosures
Enclosures (inside dimensions) 27” W x 26”H x 29”

  • Powder coated mild steel cat condos
  • Elevated resting platform inside the cat condo
  • Side pass-thru portal allows horizontal movement within cat condo
  • Floor pass-thru portal allows vertical movement within cat condo
  • Urine retaining lip helps prevent fluids from leaking into surrounding areas of cat condo
  • 1/4” Tempered glass back
  • 4” double ball bearing casters
  • Stainless steel cat condo doors will not sag
  • Over 100 colors to choose from for cat condos – See Standard Colors here

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