We take Parvo cases as seriously as you do. That’s why we’ve designed Parvo cages that keep staff and patients safe during the collection and disposal of infectious fluids.

To provide the most sanitary environment possible, each of our Parvo cage panels is constructed of 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel, with these unique extras you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Type 304 stainless steel is the preferred non-porous material that’s easy to clean and sterilize
  • Our removable perforated subfloor elevates patients away from their fluids
  • Our stainless steel drain is easily plumbed and allows fluids to quickly flow away from patients
  • In addition, our removable splatter guard protects patients and staff, and allows easy cleaning
  • Each cage is designed with a fluid retaining lip to protect animals and your team
  • Overall dimensions: 38 ½” W x 45 ½” H x 32” D (enclosure size 36” W x 27” H x 32” D)
  • Available in single stack, double stack

For the utmost safety in Parvo vet cages…

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