Animal Surgery Equipment

At TriStar Vet, we believe that surgery equipment for animals should meet the same rigorous sanitation standards as any hospital or doctor’s office. That is why we are committed to helping veterinary offices, animal hospitals and other animal-focused businesses obtain affordable, high-quality equipment that will last a lifetime.

Each product in our line-up of animal surgery equipment is designed using durable 16- to 18-guage stainless steel and optional features that make sense for your clinic. Because it is made with high-gauge steel, the equipment is extremely easy to sanitize between patients and can withstand years of heavy-duty use. Once you purchase equipment from TriStar Vet, you’ll never have a need to replace it.

Animal Surgery and Prep Tables

We offer a variety of custom sizes and features for all of our surgery and prep tables. Each is constructed using high-gauge stainless steel with smart, durable base designs that can stand up to the toughest of surgeries. Paired with a standard fluid collecting system that prevents unsafe and unsanitary spills, cleaning the room post-operation will be a breeze.

Many tables also offer mobile capabilities, side restraint systems, and optional IV hooks, allowing for more functionality and flexibility within your practice. When choosing an electric table, you can expect easy-to-use functions, rechargeable batteries and unique tilt top designs.

Animal Surgery Sinks and Faucets

Keeping things clean and organized before, during and after surgery is extremely important. Cross-contamination can cause many complications, and may jeopardize the health of the animals or your team. We’ve designed our sinks and faucets so that you can find your custom fit and match the needs of your practice.

Many customers love to pair our stainless steel fecal sinks and scrub sinks with our hands-free, knee- and foot-activated faucets. This helps you keep everything clean from start to finish.

Choose TriStar Vet

Whatever your equipment needs are, we can help. We supply veterinary offices, luxury boarding facilities, groomers, animal shelters, and doggy daycares all across the U.S. and Canada with equipment and service that is unmatched by other veterinary supply companies. Call us today to see how we can customize your practice’s surgical space. 

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