When designing our luxury cat run options, our engineers considered how to provide an exceptional product for your veterinary practice and for the cats in your care.

These cat enclosures are roomy enough for complex cat furniture and exploration… while offering your team the durable, sanitary and easy-to-manage solutions needed for day-to-day boarding efficiency.

  • We understand that cats like to climb, perch and lounge. These cat runs offer just that in a nice alternative to traditional cat condos if you’re looking for something special, flexible and unique.
  • Our designs are built to last for years and years, because they’re made of type 304, heavy duty stainless steel tubing and grill top, with a ¼” clear tempered glass door.
  • No bottom rail to trip over or trap urine, fur or kitty litter. These cat runs pass the clean-ability test!
  • Our glass doors come in clear, frosted or patterned styles, letting in natural light while you keep an eye on your frisky felines. Or, choose our colorful Starlite material to brighten up the space.
  • Doors can be retrofitted for existing block walls or side panels to work perfectly with your layout.
  • Doors swing both in and out, allowing your staff to enter the run while keeping would-be escape artists inside (no darting out of an opening door).
  • Optional swivel bowl feeders allow you to replenish food and water without opening the run doors.
  • Our cat runs are made to your specifications, so getting just the right size is a given.

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