How did our engineers come up with veterinary isolation cages that support optimal care?

How did we do it? We included sanitary and user-friendly details for your team while reducing stress for animals in your care.

We started with top-quality stainless steel cage panels — the easiest to clean and maintain, year after year. Then we worked with veterinary teams to develop a number of features that provide the ultimate sanitary environment, such as raised, perforated floor panels to keep pets elevated from liquids… and removable collection pans that allow cleanup without disturbing the animals.

Plus we reinforced our isolation units with extra bracing bars for stable, easy access, even when working with large dogs.

Our veterinary isolation cages come in the following configurations:

Our isolation cages can be ordered in custom sizes and optional divider panels for various arrangements to fit your practice floor plan, and can be plumbed to work with your existing plumbing.

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