Social media tips for veterinarians

As a veterinarian, your interest probably lies more in animal anatomy than it does social media algorithms. However, in order for you to have pets to care for, you’ll need to implement good marketing strategies, which should include smart social media tactics. If you are hoping to start, improve, or grow your current social media strategy, try these top tips.

Social media for veterinarians

Social media channels are all about engagement—and not just from your followers. Listening to and interacting with your clients and followers on social media puts a personal touch on your business. Check out people who have tagged your business, respond to positive and negative reviews, hit the “heart” button for a cute photo of your client’s pup, and respond to questions followers may have about animal care.

Create a content calendar

Successful social media pages require constant attention and a continual stream of new content. Developing a content calendar can help you map out topics and posts that your clients (and potential clients) would be interested in hearing about. You can share promotional information, fun photos of your furry patients, information about your vet clinic, or other tips that pet owners will find useful. Remember, your social channel should be about sharing, not just promoting, so make sure you’re saying things that your audience actually wants to hear.

Invest in advertising

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer businesses unique options that standard individual accounts don’t have. One of those options is to advertise to users or “boost” posts, which pushes your regular posts higher on your follower’s newsfeed. Of course, you will have to pay for the increased visibility of your posts, but the cost is relatively low compared to other, more traditional marketing methods.

To get started, you’ll want to develop a clear campaign goal and call to action, like scheduling a visit, signing up for a newsletter, or following your page. You’ll then need to develop graphics and good content that fit the platform’s advertising rules. Once you’re ready to deploy your ad, many platforms let you narrow in on your audience, so you only show up on and are paying for people who fit your target audience.

Track your data

Business social media accounts also come with additional data tools that go beyond telling you how many people like or follow your page. You can check out metrics like “engagement” or “post views” that can give you a quick insight into how many people are seeing your content versus how many are interacting with it. Tracking and showcasing these and other metrics can help you notice trends and see if your current strategy is proving successful or could use some tweaking.

Hire a pro

Running a successful social media channel requires more than scrolling through photos and hitting “like.” It is an intricate and constantly-changing process that requires in-depth knowledge, skill, and passion. Instead of stressing yourself out, trying to understand it all, consider hiring a social media pro to take over your social media channels.

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