What Makes a Veterinary Practice Cat Friendly?

The three main characteristics of a cat-friendly practice are specialized education about the unique needs and behaviors of cats, better procedures to meet those needs, and an environment that includes furniture designed specifically for cats to use and enjoy. Fortunately, becoming more feline-friendly doesn’t take a lot of work.

At TriStar Vet, we have expertly engineered each cat condo and luxury cat run to ensure that veterinarians are left with durable, long-lasting furniture that puts their patients at ease, increases staff productivity, improves sanitation levels, and shows clients that they are serious about the care of their animal.


If you would like to become a cat-friendly vet practice, you should not only brush up on your knowledge of how to treat health issues specific to cats, but your staff should also be trained and educated on how to provide excellent care and services to cats and their owners. Some things to consider include how to handle and interact with cats and the best ways to communicate with clients.


For cats, one of the most stressful parts of the veterinary visit isn’t the actual treatment. Most of the stress occurs in the waiting rooms, where cats are exposed to an overload of smells, noises, and other animals while being trapped in a cage. To reduce the anxiety of waiting, you can provide a separate space for cats to wait or allow the cat and their owner to wait in a treatment room until it is time for the vet to see them.


One of the most important steps for having a clinic that caters to cats is to provide them with adequate space that meets their needs for climbing, hiding, and playing during their stay. Unlike dog kennels, which typically offer a large open space, a good cat condo should provide areas for perching and pass-thru portals that allow cats to separate themselves from their litter box or other felines.

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