7 Special Offers and Promos New Clients Will be Pawing Over

Are you trying to drum up some new business for your vet clinic? You might want to offer your client base some promotions they can’t say no to. Offering special discounts and promos captures the attention of new clients and also helps your existing ones feel like they are getting more value for their money. In addition, It can motivate them to purchase more goods or services.

Here are a few promo ideas you might want to try in your vet clinic:

#1 – Discounted vaccinations – When a pet owner adopts a new puppy or kitten, the first thing they need to do is schedule an appointment for their pet’s first shots. Offering free or discounted shots will help get these clients in the door, giving you an opportunity to turn them into long-term, repeat customers

#2 – Custom Giveaways – Whether it’s a toothbrush at the dentist’s office or a stack of pens from a conference or convention, people love free stuff. This is particularly valuable when it serves a direct need, too. Offering clients branded freebies, like leashes, chew toys, or poop bags, can make them feel like they’re getting more value for their money and increases their odds of recommending new clients.

#3 – Loyalty Rewards – Promos aren’t only about getting customers in the door. It’s also about transitioning existing clients into long-term, lifetime customers. One way to increase longevity is by offering a loyalty program. With this program, you can motivate clients to schedule more appointments with you in exchange for discounted rates or freebies—or both.

#4 – Punch card program – Many pet owners skip the vet visits more than they should. However, with a punch card program, they may be more motivated to attend more follow-up visits or participate in regular exams. The punch card could offer a free visit or discount after a few appointments.

#5 – Multi-Pet Discount – Having lots of animals in the house can be fun, but it can also make vet visits expensive. Giving animal lovers a multi-pet discount eases some of their financial burdens while also gaining you several new clients in one. You might consider offering discounted rates for subsequent animals or providing 2-for-1 office visits, where owners can have both of their pups, cats, or other critters all seen at once at a packaged price.

#6 – Business Partnerships – Team up with other pet businesses (groomers, animal sitters, boarding facilities, training programs) to offer unique promotional programs. For instance, you might offer a free wash at a nearby groomer after so many visits. In exchange, the other businesses can offer similar packages, referring their clients to you for a free or discounted service.

#7 – Rescue specials – We all love a good underdog story, especially when it starts at the pound and ends in the home of a new, loving family. Your vet clinic can help support the “adopt don’t shop” mission and gain new loyal customers by offering discounted first-time services for animals that have been rescued. This might include discounted spay/neutering, a free exam, or at-cost vaccinations.

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