Should your clinic offer boarding services

As the owner or manager of a veterinarian clinic, your main goal is to care for the health and happiness of your furry little patients—but could you be missing out on a big income driver by keeping your services strictly medical?

Boarding facilities are extremely profitable because they often require low overhead and spit out high returns. For vet clinics, the profit margin is even higher because you already have a built-in client base, the experience needed to provide quality care, and you may even have some or all of the equipment and space you need to get started. Plus, you can use clever marketing tactics to drive more business for your veterinarian services and vice versa.

What you need to add boarding services to your clinic

Before you offer boarding services, you may want to prepare the space and determine what type and level of service you want to offer. You may want to start only with simple, short stays in professional dog kennels that involve 24/7 monitoring. Or, you may want to give guests an incredible experience that includes luxury dog kennels for boarding and large open spaces for dogs to run and play. You should also determine if you will only accept dogs or if you’ll provide much-needed facilities for felines and exotic animals.

Depending on what you want to offer with your boarding services, some things you’ll need to get started include:

  • Professional dog kennels and cat condos for boarding
  • Staff to work with and closely monitor dogs
  • A process for checking-in and checking-out pets
  • A cleaning station to quickly and efficiently clean up messes
  • Stimulating toys and furniture for play areas
  • A pet relief station
  • Portable room dividers

Reasons why clients will love pet boarding at your facility

While the competition may seem thick nowadays for pet boarding services, you might be surprised at how many of your clients would ditch their typical doggy daycares to leave their dog in your care. Some of the reasons why clients prefer vet-operated boarding is:

  • Convenience – they already know you and your facility, and chances are you’re nearby. Plus, they may be able to get in a vet visit with their boarding
  • Medical attention – Owners of pets with health issues may feel uneasy leaving them with anyone. However, placing them in long-term care of their vet is a no brainer.
  • Experience with animals – While new boarding facilities may love animals, it’s hard to beat the experience and knowledge of a vet clinic who understands your pet inside and out.
  • Trust – Your clients already know and trust you to care for their beloved pets, so they will feel much more comfortable leaving them in your care overnight.

Professional Boarding and Vet Equipment

At TriStar Vet, we are more than just a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable vet equipment. We are your partners in helping you grow and expand your vet clinic. Reach out to us today to learn more about our boarding equipment and how you can incorporate our innovative and durable products into your vet clinic.