New Math: How Veterinary Equipment and Supply Cabinets Can Make Money

In any business, time is money. And in the veterinary industry, if you can save time throughout the day, you’ll have more time to see patients and provide billable services.

Therefore, if you could find veterinary cabinets or casework that save you time, you’d be generating more income each day, right?

We decided to test this theory with our veterinary cabinets, casework and wet tables… to see how much time you could actually save throughout a typical day in the practice. See if you can add up the minutes with us and then turn it into billable services.

First, you may be asking, “How do your veterinary cabinets and tables save my practice time?” And how are they different from the casework made by other veterinary equipment manufacturers?

Let’s take a look.

A few years back, after visiting a number of practices, the designers and engineers at TriStar Vet realized that treatment room “furniture” was fairly clunky. For instance, during procedures, there may be two or three team members all reaching for supplies while working on the patient, but it’s tough when a large dog is laying across the table during a dental procedure, and one of the Techs needs to grab some gauze pads under the sink.

We’ve seen some pretty serious acrobatics as veterinary teams maneuver around patients and each other to reach equipment and supplies.

So we invented veterinary cabinets for exam and treatment rooms — that actually “perform” as opposed to just being furniture taking up space.

Take our stainless steel veterinary wet treatment work island for example.

TriStar Vet blog: See how our veterinary equipment and supply cabinets save you

  • For this example, we start with our standard H-Column  that serves as the center workspace with cabinets underneath. You’ll see that we include open pass-thru shelves for easy reaching and closed cabinets for handy storage… as well as casework to accommodate a variety of cabinet and drawer configurations. Pass-thru drawers save time by eliminating the need to walk around the island and wet table when you need supplies. Time saved in a typical day: 20 minutes.
  • Next, we add cabinets that feature pass-thru drawers and pull out drawer pans. Once again, pass-through drawers eliminate extra steps and pull out drawer pans mean your staff can remove the pans, stock them and return them to the drawer. Time saved in a typical day: 20 minutes.
  • Plus, our drawers feature rounded corners for easy, wipe-out cleaning. No square corners to accumulate gunk! The time it takes to clean them is reduced… saving your team MORE time each day. How much time? About 20 minutes in the course of a day (maybe more).
  • Now, the icing on the cake. Our patented Water Flo wet prep tables. No more scrubbing dried matter with these tables. Simply turn the faucet and wash away materials during procedures so nothing accumulates and hardens on the surface. Time saved with this “self cleaning” feature: about 20 minutes in a typical day.
  • Not only so our Water Flo tables reduce cleaning time, they also include pass-through drawers so your team can work without disturbing the patient. And, cutout knee-space allows your staff to work on either side of the patient. Time saved by these efficient and convenient features throughout the day: about 20 minutes. 

Now, this isn’t a scientific study but it certainly proves the point that time is money. In a typical day our veterinary cabinets could save you 100 minutes — an extra 1 hour and 40 minutes.

What else could you be doing in that time? Seeing patients? Running tests? Performing procedures? Filling prescriptions? Selling food? Maybe marketing your superior boarding services!  Several of these at once, with two or three team members?

It’s easy math when you think about it.

If you’d like to discuss how our treatment/work islands better accommodate your veterinary equipment and supplies, make life easier for you and your team, and save you precious (billable!) time — give us a call at 877-459-7827 or email us at

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