How to Keep Flies Away from My Dog Kennels

There are two main ways to keep flies away from your dog kennels. The first is to eliminate anything that might attract them. The second is to use pet-safe fly traps and repellants in the area. Flies spread diseases and can be quite irritating to animals, so you will want to use both approaches to maximize your results and keep the dogs comfortable.

First Approach: Eliminate Things That Attract Flies

To keep flies away from your dog kennels, it’s necessary to keep the kennels and the surrounding area as clean as possible. Remove all dog waste at frequent intervals throughout the day. Hose down the kennels and disinfect them every day. Remember to keep the dog runs and any other play areas clean, as well. One helpful piece of equipment are TriStar Vet’s floor trench drains, which help to keep kennels, runs, and other areas dry and clean.

Flies are also attracted to food. Uneaten food shouldn’t be left in dog bowls longer than two hours. At that point, empty the bowls into the trash and wash each bowl thoroughly in hot, soapy water. If the dogs are only eating kibble or dry food, it’s acceptable to wash the bowls once daily. Dogs eating canned or moist food should have their bowls washed after each meal.

Second Approach: Use Pet-Safe Fly Traps and Repellants

Although keeping the kennels as clean as possible will help deter flies from congregating in the area, you’ll still need to use fly traps and repellants for optimum results. One pet-safe fly trap is fly tape. This very sticky tape is attached to a ceiling. You can attach several strips of fly tape around the area. Change them out as needed.

Consult a veterinarian before using a chemical fly repellant. Pet-safe products may be sprayed directly on a dog’s coat and combed through. They act as a temporary deterrent.