The “007” Secret to Veterinary Medical Equipment

You know how James Bond, Agent 007, has a special team of engineers who come up with clever multi-functional gadgets? For instance… the bowler hat with a secret ring inside that can slice through anything, even stone?

If you’re a fan of James Bond movies, you’ll appreciate the way our engineers have turned the basic veterinary treatment-area column (also called work island) into a tower that’s so much more than just a square box for hiding electrical wires and plumbing.

Our “Bond-style” engineers have created a super multifunctional unit that maximizes space in treatment/surgery rooms and creates efficiency during procedures with highly versatile and customizable features.

See what our “007” secret to veterinary medical equipment means to you.

Several years ago, we were working with veterinarians and observing how they perform procedures in the treatment and surgical areas of the practices.

TriStar Vet blog: Our most popular requests start with our standard work island column, customized with drawers, shelves, wet tables and more.

We noticed that it was a challenge to a) hide electrical wires and plumbing fixtures in a tidy way, and b) access water, power and supplies in easy ways during procedures.

Taking a “James Bond” approach to the column, we decided to go beyond a “hiding place” for wires and plumbing.

We’ve taken it a step farther and designed it as actual equipment with these benefits:

  • You’ll find ample storage for all the medical equipment and supplies your team needs during a wide range of procedures.
  • Built-in drawers are designed for “pass-through access” meaning you can access the drawers on either side of the column. This can be especially important during tricky procedures where your staff doesn’t have time to run around the other side to get what they need.
  • Adjustable shelving is available, making it highly versatile for keeping important supplies within reach. You can even add a writing shelf for your convenience.
  • Everything is built to last the lifetime of your practice. We build all our columns with the sturdiest stainless steel in the industry — hand-welded and polished for years of reliable use.
  • It’s completely customizable. You can request specific sizes and locations of drawers, shelves, access to plumbing fixtures and power, wet tables and even glass panels you can see through — all to fit your space and the way your team works.

The TriStar Vet team was the first to bring standstill work islands to the veterinary market… and ours is still the only functional column available.

Our most popular requests start with our standard work island column, configured as an inline space or L-shaped, T-shaped work area. Its versatility and multi-functionality are truly unique in this industry.

If James Bond was a vet, this is the type of veterinary medical equipment we’d create for him.

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