5 Tips for Starting Your Veterinary Practice

So, you’re ready to branch out and start your own vet practice. Owning and running a veterinary clinic can be extremely rewarding. However, getting things off the ground can be time-consuming, exhausting, and even a bit confusing. To make sure you stay on track, here are five things you’ll want to prioritize to make sure that your vet practice is a success.

#1 – Develop a business plan

Before you lease a commercial space or start assembling your staff, you should spend time developing a thorough business plan. A comprehensive business plan will not only help you secure loan money from banks or investors, but also give you a road map for how to open and operate your practice. Your business plan should include details such as the services you’ll offer, company goals, and projected startup costs.

#2 – Connect with professionals

Running a vet clinic requires more than the ability to care for sick animals—you also need to be an expert in law, business management, financing, marketing, and more. Before you get things going, you should connect with professionals specialized in those areas. From the beginning, you should have a lawyer and an accountant to ensure you’re getting everything set up correctly and legally. You may also want to hire an office manager to run the front of the house and enlist an advertising agency to develop a smart marketing plan for you.

#3 – Purchase, Rent, or Build your Practice

Be mindful of your practice’s location. If you’re moving, is it close enough for your existing clients to travel to? Is your target audience within reach? Are there other practices nearby? Does it fit your personal commute? Things are all things to consider before laying the foundation or signing a contract.

#4 – Implement a marketing strategy  

Creating a solid marketing plan will ensure that you’re reaching potential clients and alerting nearby pet owners that you are open and ready for business. Your startup marketing plan should include:

  • Conducting complete market research on target clients
  • Creating a brand, complete with logo, colors, tone of voice, etc.
  • Building a website that is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and informative
  • Getting on social media and running targeted advertisements
  • Promotional offers for new clients (or existing clients if acquiring an existing practice)

#5 – Buy quality veterinary equipment

Filling your practice with all of the necessary equipment can be pricey, so the temptation to opt for cheaper options is understandable. However, the equipment you use is also absolutely vital to your practice. Instead of purchasing cheap plastic kennels that will become damaged and dirty over time, buy kennels, vet scales, and a veterinary exam table that are made of sturdy, durable material that will last the lifetime of your practice.

At TriStar Vet, we pride ourselves in offering quality, long-lasting stainless steel veterinary scales, exam tables, cages, and more—and all at accessible pricing.