What Makes a Good Vet

As a veterinarian, you want to give your animals and their owners the best care and attention that you can. A good vet is always striving to improve their practice, grow customer loyalty, and make the experience of the furry clients as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

In addition to education, experience, and skill, there are many other factors that clients consider when looking for a vet to care for their pet.


Obviously, people want to work with someone who knows their stuff. But knowledge goes beyond the books. Vets who can quickly put together their experience and expertise to solve difficult problems and respond to emergencies will likely find themselves ranked above their peers. Staying in touch with new research, discoveries, and trends is also critical to making sure you are providing the most accurate and up-to-date treatments.


How you convey your knowledge is also important. If your diagnosis and treatment recommendation is overly dense with medical jargon, for instance, pet owners may seek a second opinion from a vet that is able to articulate themselves more clearly. The best vets take the time to explain medical issues in ways that are easy for pet owners to understand. They are also very clear on treatment plans, expectations, follow-up visits, and more.

Listening Skills

Communication is a two-way street. Listening carefully to the story and concerns of each pet owner, asking meaningful follow-up questions, and taking time to thoroughly examine the pet gives your clients confidence and makes them feel heard.

Love of animals

It’s hard to imagine a person entering the veterinarian field without a great love for animals, but some vets exude an exceptional joy for working with animals that instills confidence and trust in both their four-legged clients and their owners.

Quality equipment

The appearance of your clinic can have just as big of an impact as your performance. If your clients enter a room that is old and dingy with equipment that is falling apart, they can quickly become concerned about the quality of care you may (or may not) be able to provide. Inviting patients into clean spaces with high-quality equipment instills a sense of confidence and cleanliness. If your vet facility needs an equipment upgrade, check out the cost-effective, innovatively designed veterinary exam table and veterinary surgery table options from TriStar Vet, all made from heavy-duty stainless steel for easy cleaning and maximum durability.


No one wants to be rushed through an appointment, but no one wants to wait either. Managing your time between patients can be tricky, especially if an emergency occurs or an appointment runs longer than expected. Scheduling extra time between appointments, informing patients ahead of time of set-backs, and creating fun and functional waiting areas for overly anxious animals can all help to make visits to your clinic more satisfying for your patients and their owners.