Outside the kennel marketing ideas

6 Marketing Hacks for Veterinarians

While you may be more versed in animal anatomy than you are Instagram hashtags, both are extremely important in running a successful veterinarian clinic. Marketing is vital to finding new clients, convincing them to book with you, turning them into loyal customers, then using them to find new ones.

To make the most of your vet clinic’s marketing strategy, try these six hacks:

#1 – Improve Your Website

If your website is outdated, unsightly, and hard to navigate, it’s time to invest in an upgrade. Customers expect to easily find all of the information they need on your website and may dismiss your clinic for another if the online experience is confusing. Ideally, your website should indicate who you are and what you do. You may also include an online booking and payment system, appointment reminders, and incorporate a helpful blog that provides regular articles relating to animal care.

#2 – Social Media

Social media is an affordable and accessible way to market your vet clinic and quickly reach new clients. When starting your online presence, you need to be sure to remain active with regular postings and engagement. Many clients may even reach out to you through your social platforms by commenting on posts or photos or sending direct messages with inquiries and questions. Additionally, you can use easy and inexpensive marketing tools on social media to get in front of new potential clients and expand your audience.

#3 – Referral Programs

When it comes to marketing, “word of mouth” is still the best. Motivate your current customers to share just how great you are with an incentive-based referral program. In exchange for leads and new patient sign-ups, your clients can cash in on referrals with free products or services.


#4 – Branded Products

If you want your name to be noticed, you’ll need to pass out more than pens and business cards. Try putting your logo on useful products for pet owners and then place them in unexpected places. Leave behind some clip-on poop bag dispensers at the dog park, give away collars and leashes at an adoption event, or make cute puppy-tees to be passed out at fun dog-friendly events. In the office, products might include a customized calendar to mark essential vet visits and a branded document folder to keep the pet’s documents organized.

#5 – Offer travel clinics

Sometimes pet parents get too busy to make it to the clinic, or your office might be too far of a drive for them. To make important appointments easier, more convenient, and more accessible, you can tour your business area, setting up temporary clinics that offer vaccinations, spay/neutering, and general exams. You might also consider offering up house calls for emergency visits.

#6 – Skype Sessions

If traveling to your client’s home isn’t possible, some pet parents might enjoy having the option to conduct an online vet visit. Of course, not all appointments can go digital, and some in-person work is always needed, but offering quick and simple video consultations can help to address minor concerns, answer important questions, or respond to emergency events.

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