What to Put in an Outside Dog Kennel

A quality outdoor dog kennel for your breeding or boarding business should be a safe, clean, and comfortable while also making your job easier. Here’s what to put in your outside dog kennel:

  • Raised kennel floor and drainage system
  • Rotating feeder bowls
  • Warmers in winter and shade in summer
  • Dog toys

Thinking ahead to small, yet important, accessories for your outside dog kennel can make a big difference in the health and well-being of the pups calling the kennel home.

What to Put in an Outdoor Dog Kennel

Consider adding the following to your dog outdoor dog kennel:

Stainless steel material
While this isn’t exactly in the kennel, the material you use to build your run is extremely important. High-gauge stainless steel is strong and durable and can hold up to a lifetime of use and abuse. It is also extremely easy to clean, increasing sanitation and safety levels for your run.

Raised floors
Providing a few spare inches between the earth and the floor of your dog run can provide a variety of benefits. Grated systems or other dog kennel drains can help easily clean urine, liquids, and other wastes. However, having just any type of subfloor can keep your dog off the cold ground in the winter and help trap cooler air in the summer.

Drainage system
Having some sort of drainage system can help to remove spills and urination as they happen. It can also make cleaning a breeze. Simply hose down the stainless steel enclosure and let the dirty water wash away into the drainage system.

Rotating feeder bowls
This may not seem like a must, but once you have them, you’ll never go back. Being able to refill food and water without having to open each kennel can make feeding time quick, easy, and much safer. You’ll no longer have to deal with overexcited, jumping puppies or chase after the occasional escape artist in the middle of mealtime.

Warmers in winter & shade in the summer
You’ll want to keep your dogs comfortable in all seasons. So, consider the types of weather you experience and add heaters, shade, and insulation to accommodate for those weather changes.

Toys and Comforts
Keeping a dog comfortable and occupied is extremely important to prevent destructive behavior, avoid creating bad habits, and to reduce fear and anxiety. Add a few toys, a comfortable blanket, and other things that will the dog’s time cozier and more enjoyable.