Congratulations to 2014 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Award (Part 1)

The folks here at TriStar Vet are extremely proud of our client, Mueller Pet Medical Center in Sacramento, California. They’ve just won the 2014 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Award, announced in the March Issue of Veterinary Economics.

We’re so pleased for Mueller Pet Medical. They’re an exceptional practice and they’ve certainly created a beautiful, warm and welcoming hospital using advanced veterinary tables and the latest tower solutions.

Find out which TriStar veterinary medical equipment we installed in Mueller Pet Medical Center, and what their owner had to say about it.

When Veterinary Economics prepared to break the news that Mueller Pet Medical Center had won their annual Hospital Design Award, they interviewed owner Dr. Ken Schenck about the elements of his award-winning design.

(Photo used with permission from Veterinary Economics.) TriStar Vet blog: Mueller Pet Medical Center used TriStar veterinary wet tables and veterinary work islands in their award-winning design.

(Photo used with permission from Veterinary Economics.)

He talked about many of the components that came together perfectly to create an ideal workspace that will last for many years.

He said, “ln our Treatment Room, l’ve used TriStar [veterinary] wet tables along with the TriStar Towers” (also known as veterinary work islands or columns).

“They work extremely well, especially with the WaterFlo system for great flushing. In my Dental Suite and lsolation Room…. I actually wish I had used the TriStar Wet Tables in these rooms too. The WaterFlo system would have been very nice.”

We’re delighted that Dr. Ken Schenck is a happy customer! He and his team deserve this prestigious award.

If you’re building a new hospital or renovating your clinic, consider these winning benefits for your practice:

  • Beautiful stainless steel work islands serve a wide range of purposes beyond simply offering a hidden space for plumbing and power cables. We offer the only towers with multiple pass-through drawers, plus storage shelves and writing shelves. You can maximize the efficiency of every square inch of your work area.

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