How to Hire a Good Vet Assistant

To hire a good vet assistant, it’s essential to consider a candidate’s skills, relevant experience, and empathy for animals. The right veterinary assistant can help you earn more business and keep your customers satisfied. Here’s how to find a qualified vet assistant and make the best hire for your clinic.

Why should you hire a veterinary assistant?

When you hire a qualified vet assistant to work alongside your vet techs, you’ll have someone who can assist with lab work, maintain kennels, and sterilize equipment. An assistant can also increase the number of patients who can be treated.

In addition, they can provide customer service to pet owners by helping them understand what to expect when it comes to lab work and other medical procedures. During treatment, they can comfort animals and provide first aid to pets during emergencies.

Simply put, vet assistants are the backbone of any vet office. Depending on your clinic’s day-to-day needs, your vet assistant may perform additional tasks, such as:

  • Feeding, bathing, and exercising animals
  • Keeping animals comfortable during medical procedures
  • Cleaning and maintaining instruments and lab equipment
  • Assisting in the collection of blood, urine, and tissue samples

What qualifications do vet assistants need?

Before hiring a veterinary assistant, review the skills required for the role. The ideal assistant will be compassionate, love animals, and have exceptional customer service skills to keep everyone happy. Vet assistants are also critical thinkers who should be able to analyze data.

Regarding technical requirements, they should hold a bachelor’s degree in medical assistant services, biology, animal service, or a related field. Further, they should have experience working with animals and have a strong drive to care for them. Finally, to ensure the best care for your animal patients, your vet assistant should also be able to operate the veterinary equipment you use in your clinic.

Even if you’re already working with veterinary technicians, hiring a vet assistant to help with daily duties around your clinic is still a good idea.

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