Veterinary Medical Equipment That Solves Awkward Treatment Syndrome

Picture this typical scenario in your practice. You and another team member are in the treatment area, performing a procedure on a mid-size dog named Bo. The two of you are working quickly while holding Bo, reaching for the tools you need, keeping Bo still, reaching for another tool and so forth.

It can get pretty awkward and cumbersome when one of you is holding Bo and trying to keep him out of the way while you reach for the tools, gauze, ointments, etc. you need from your shelves and drawers. It’s just plain frustrating to juggle Bo and the treatment tools you need. There must be a better way to manage situations like this.

Find out how our designers created veterinary medical equipment that minimizes “awkward treatment syndrome” in your practice. 

TriStar Vet blog: Veterinary casework (cabinets) with optional pass-through drawers, making it much easier for two people to work on patients.

Veterinary casework (also known as cabinets, cabinetry, storage units or millwork) has always been a critical component of a practice’s daily workflow. And many casework manufacturers offer shelves and drawers for storage in the practice.

But here’s the problem. Most casework is not designed for the real way veterinary teams have to juggle patients and equipment during procedures.

Our design team figured this out a few years ago while visiting practices and watching how they work. We witnessed the awkwardness of one person holding a patient and standing in front of the drawers, making it impossible for the other person to access equipment and other supplies. Instead, the other team member would have to walk around to reach what was needed.

We call this “awkward treatment syndrome,” which is a waste of your time and efficiency. We were determined to solve this for you with veterinary casework that serves double duty.

You see, our team invented high-quality stainless steel veterinary cabinets that include a pass-through drawer option. This option allows your team to access drawers on both sides — which is HUGE for you! Here’s why.

If you have two people working on a dog, the person not holding the dog simply opens the drawers on the other side to get what they need. No more walking all the way around to get what you need, or worries about awkward patient handling. So now you have options that make more sense for your workflow.

  • You can choose the exact arrangement that works best for your space: single- and double-door cabinets with solid stainless or tempered glass doors, and multiple drawer options
  • Configure the adjustable stainless steel shelves any way you like, with added pass-through drawers where possible for even more functionality
  • Everything is made with the industry’s sturdiest stainless steel (18 gauge 304 stainless steel) for years of reliable performance.

If you’re interested in seeing our pass-through drawers in action, simply give us a call to set up a free consultation.

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