Veterinary Equipment Supplies That Make Your Life Easier

Do you own or work in a busy veterinary practice? If so, chances are you’re on a quest to work smarter, not harder. You’ve realized that time is money and when it comes to veterinary equipment ergonomics is second only to efficiency and safety. Cost is always high on the priority list too, but in this economy most people are doing a lot of research and not investing any of their hard earned dollars in second rate equipment. As a result we have seen a spike in sales this year and we’re attributing that to the fact that our veterinary equipment supplies are packed with features and options that make your life easier.

In my twenties I bought my first new car, with my own money and negotiated the deal myself. I chose a Honda Civic, 5 speed, manual seat adjustment, pretty basic. It got me from point A to point B and I was fine with that little car for about 3 years. Then my circumstances changed, I had a baby, all the baby gear to haul around and I went shopping for something a little nicer. Now I have a Suburban. It has a remote start, pre-programmed seating, heated seats, TV’s in the head rests, a back door that opens by remote all the stuff that I never had before that I could never live without now. I would say at TriStar we’ve taken the approach Chevy has, we don’t just ask how can we make this equipment? We ask how can make this equipment perform?

At TriStar we manufacture veterinary tables, large dog cages, tall cat condos, dog kennel runs, surgical scrub sinks and veterinary exam room equipment. While other manufacturers are asking how can I make this table for less and still make a handsome profit, we are asking ourselves what all can we make this equipment do? We make a veterinary dental table with our patented Water-Flo system that dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to clean up after a procedure because you can rinse blood and other matter off the surface before it dries. Vet Techs and practitioners love it because it makes their lives easier. We engineered a pass thru drawer system where drawers pass through from one side of a veterinary table to the other, meaning you can work from either side of the table and the drawers utilize removable drawer pans so staff can remove the drawers, restock them and replace them with ease. We also have a pass thru dental shelf, making your machine accessible from either side. I could go on all day, but we set out to make ergonomic veterinary equipment that is packed with features, will last for years and years and look as good on year 10 as it did on day 1. If you’re in the midst of a remodel, building a new clinic/hospital or just need a mobile gurney, we can deliver.

See a Video Demo of the Water-Flo table in action here.

We are experts in kennel design and manufacturing, committed to quality control and testing. We actively seek out and test the best materials that will promote durability and longevity with the added benefit of being the best looking dog kennels on the market. After more than 25 years of manufacturing, we understand that the construction of our dog kennels is just as important as the type of materials we use. Whether you are a luxury boarding facility, animal shelter, rescue, control or a busy veterinarian we look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge as a kennel manufacturer with you.