Why every vet should offer grooming services

Pet owners are spending more than ever on their pets. And while this is great for veterinarians, it’s even better for vets who are diversifying their offerings. Offering grooming services at your vet clinic is an easy, low-maintenance addition that can help your business earn more money and grow a loyal customer base.

Benefits of adding grooming to your vet clinic

Busy pet owners are consistently looking for easy ways to consolidate their schedules and get more done in one visit. Because of this, it’s a big bonus for clients when vet clinics can offer a medical exam AND grooming services. This double offering will likely bring in more clients. It’s also a great way to remind clients to schedule visits and get them on the calendar.  

Other benefits of adding grooming services to your vet facility are:

  • You can mix promotions for medical exams and grooming services to draw in more clients
  • You can see your furry clients more often, which can mean early detection or recommendations for an official check-up
  • Clients will choose your facility over the competition based on convenience
  • You can remind clients of upcoming visits or schedule past-due exams, leading to more medical visits 
  • Adding grooming services can be inexpensive and require low overhead

What you will need to add grooming services to your vet clinic

If you already have space, adding grooming services to your facility could be easier than you think. Aside from adding a dog grooming tub or two, adding a grooming room to your facility could be a good low-cost investment. Many vet clinics may even find that they already have much of the big equipment needed.

Either way, here are the main items you’ll need to start offering grooming services today:

  • Grooming tubThere are many different styles of grooming tubs, so be sure to weigh the cost-benefits of different features. Choosing a tub with ramps, raisable ramps, deep basins, or electronic lifts can make your grooming station more ergonomic and help you serve a large variety of pets.
  • Grooming table – The grooming table should come with a leash hook to help secure the dog on the table while being dried and trimmed. You should also consider hydraulic lifts to make it easier and less stressful for large or anxious dogs to step on the table versus being lifted.
  • Hair Traps – Adding a hair trap to your plumbing is a must for grooming and can save you hefty plumbing bills in the future.
  • Professional-grade hairdryer – A low-noise, quality hairdryer made for animals will shorten grooming time and make the experience less stressful for the pet.
  • Kennels – You may need to board freshly-groomed pets until their owners come to get them. Choose something with a raised floor to prevent any accidents from dirtying up the fresh hairdo.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, shears, brushes, and accessories

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