What are the benefits of having a Luxury Cat Run in my veterinary practice?

Adding a luxury cat run to your veterinary practice or boarding facility is an excellent way to provide a safe, stress-free environment for feline patients, allowing you to expand your business to a new sector of clients by offering a service that is often difficult to find for a cat-loving client.

Cats and their owners tend to be quite different from those who come in with dogs or other animals. This is mainly because the problems and needs of a cat vary greatly from other animals and are rarely met at traditional practices. Going to the vet tends to be much more stressful for cats than dogs, as they are usually not accustomed to carriers or car rides, and can be more sensitive to the smells and presence of other animals in the veterinary office.

When a cat is under such high levels of stress, the owners tend to feel more anxious and stressed as well. It also makes it more difficult for you and your team to treat and care for the cat, as they’re more resistant to be handled, and it takes longer for medications to work. Stressed cats can even become defensive during examinations, causing injuries and making the experience unpleasant for all parties.

One way to put a cat at ease is to give them a large, safe space where they can hide, perch, sprawl out, and relax. Luxury cat runs are larger than traditional runs, offering space for large, complex cat furniture with tall perches, tunnels, and other activity options that can distract the cat during their stay and reduce their stress level. A good cat run should also be designed to last for the lifetime of your practice and to make it easier when it comes to clean up time.

Our TriStar Vet Luxury Cat Run is constructed with heavy-gauge stainless steel, clear tempered glass doors, and many additional options that allow you to customize the perfect space for your feline patients.