Trench Drains for Hospitals

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Hospital-acquired infections are the most common complication among hospitalized patients. That’s just one reason why it’s so important for hospitals to maintain a sterile environment. TriStar Vet is here to help with our sanitary stainless steel shower drains, which are ideally designed for high-volume facilities in which safety and sterility are must-haves.

Hospitals: Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Trench Drains?

For over three decades, TriStar Vet has been a trusted name in durable equipment. It’s because of our commitment to delivering nothing less than superior quality and craftsmanship. Our stainless steel trench drain has been specially designed to allow healthcare facilities to maintain high standards of sanitation.

Designed from 14-gauge stainless steel, this product resists corrosion and inhibits microbial growth—the same reasons why surgical instruments are often made from stainless steel. Furthermore, it has a built-in integral slope to ensure the efficient and rapid elimination of wastewater. And because our stainless steel trench drain grates feature a 3/8-inch opening on all four sides, hair and other solids easily pass through the grate and into the drain. 

TriStar Vet’s stainless steel trench drains can enable your hospital to honor its tradition of quality healthcare by maintaining a cleaner environment.

Here’s why our unique one-piece commercial stainless steel trench drain Grates eliminate veterinary kennel odor and makes kennel cleaning easy.

  • No more shifting seams. Our stainless steel trench drains have a solid design using heavy-duty 14-gauge stainless steel, fully welded as a single piece. No more joints to shift, warp, or leak.
  • Easier cleaning, with a built-in integral slope to ensure urine flows toward the floor drain. Just hose out at the end of the day. Plus, where it fits against the wall, our built-in backsplash forces liquid (including urine) down the drain.
  • Easy to install: Your plumber can simply set it in place and attach it to the wall.
  • Two grate types: Stainless or HDPE. Each has a 3/8 inch opening on all four sides, allowing hair and solids to go directly into the trench drain.
  • Uses less water: Unlike most commercial trench drains that are about 6-8 inches wide, our drain is just 4 inches wide so it’s more efficient.


  • Water inlet for flush valve hook-up
  • Made with and without a perforated grate
  • Model available for rooms with a center drain set-up (for back to back kennel runs)

Get rid of your kennel odor with a custom-sized trench drain!

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