Looking for the best luxury cat condo designs for your veterinary clinic, kitty grooming spa or adoption shelter? TriStar offers stainless steel models with deluxe details no other cat condo manufacturers offer!

What makes a luxury cat condo?

TriStar’s cat condos are built using heavy-duty stainless steel with fully welded one-piece vertical design for lasting stability. A “luxury” car, “luxury” home, or “luxury” watch is equated with quality components that offer durability and a high-quality appearance. Our luxury cat condos are no exception.

Our exclusive luxury cat condo designs feature fluid-retaining portals that prevent dripping and leakage. With seamless coved corners, you’ll never have to worry about urine, litter, or fur getting trapped again! Unlike laminate models, our cat condos never warp or swell with moisture.

Naturally, you expect a comfortable, stress-free environment for the cats in your care. Horizontal and vertical portals satisfy the cat’s natural urges to explore, climb, perch, lounge, and socialize. Perforated PVC ventilation tubes keep healthy air circulating within the environment, with separate kitty litter sections to keep the main living areas clean.

Look no further for a convenient cat condo design!

  • Clear ¼” tempered glass backs for better visibility.
  • Above-condo storage sections above the litter area.
  • Side pass-through portals that allow horizontal movement into cat condo litter areas.
  • Easy-close “slam” latches — for the times when you’ve got your hands full.
  • 4” double ball bearing casters for easy mobility.
  • Full assembly: No frustrating setups! It’s all done for you.

Choose from our deluxe cat condo customization options:

  • We offer versatile size dimensions for big or small cats.
  • Opt for single, double, or triple-stacked configuration.
  • We can create tall, narrow dimension cat condos for tight spaces.
  • Hand-polished stainless steel finishes available.
  • OR choose from over 100 powder coating colors!

Why TriStar?

TriStar has been manufacturing high-grade stainless steel equipment since 1983, with an expansion into veterinary equipment in 2000. Our small company focuses on delivering lasting, quality products that meet the highest standards of sanitation. In fact, our National Sanitation Foundation rating ensures that our veterinary medical equipment meets the same sanitation requirements found in human hospitals. We employ just 30 people in the small town of Boyd, Texas, so we understand what it’s like to be small business owners. Get the friendly customer service, responsive one-on-one attention, and commitment to quality you deserve.