How to Organize Your Vet Office

From scheduling appointments to assisting patients, keeping your veterinary office clean and organized can feel overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be.

Since organization can impact patient satisfaction and the overall productivity of your office, it’s important to help your staff stay on top of their day-to-day responsibilities with the right tools. Here’s everything you need to keep your vet office organized.

Print Medication Labels

Pet owners regularly pick up over-the-counter medications and prescriptions for their pets, so organizing your pharmacy can help you fill prescriptions faster and more accurately. If you’re using laser printers to print prescription and medication labels, make sure to stay stocked on the right label formats.

To simplify your workflow, start the day with a full tray of sheets in the laser printer for quick printing.

On the other hand, if you still hand-write prescriptions, investing in a laser printer can increase the speed and accuracy of preparing medication labels.

In addition, pre-printed labels that highlight important dispensing instructions, such as frequency and dosage, can help pet owners with proper medication dispensing.

Switch to Electronic Medical Records

To cut down on waiting room time, consider switching from paper medical records to electronic records. In turn, you’ll be able to move patients to the exam room more quickly, which will enhance the patient experience and boost customer satisfaction.

When you transition to electronic record-keeping, your front desk staff can easily manage patient information—from billing and payments to appointment scheduling and treatment planning. With the right information at your disposal, you can easily send owners follow-up information via email or text, which helps ensure accurate information.

Use Handouts for Post-Appointment Communications

If patients have any questions after their pet’s appointment, they’ll likely call your business to find answers to their questions. Fortunately, it’s easy to save time and eliminate unnecessary phone calls with brochures and handouts.

These handouts can answer frequently asked questions on clinical topics, such as vaccination frequency and symptoms to look out for. Handouts can also answer basic questions about your practice, such as your regular hours and emergency contact information.

Offering handouts about patients’ specific conditions or treatments can also help you educate pet owners and properly communicate information during the visit.

Send Automated Appointment Reminders

For regular patients, it can be helpful to provide information on any additional services you offer. For example, if you have an automated appointment reminder system, you can encourage pet owners to sign up for semi-annual exam reminders, vaccination reminders, and other regular appointments to drive additional visits.

Appointment reminder systems not only allow you to stay in touch with pet owners via SMS and email, but it can also save your staff time with efficient scheduling.

For example, you might send a few options for appointment dates and times so pet owners can choose the best option for their schedule.

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