What is the best way to clean Veterinary Dog Kennels?

The first step to properly cleaning a veterinary dog kennel is to clear space inside the kennel. This includes moving the dog into a separate clean kennel and removing food bowls, play toys, bedding, and any other loose items inside the cage. Before cleaning the cage, put bedding and other fabrics into the washing machine, soak food and water bowls in disinfectant as directed by their labels, and disinfect or dispose of used toys. Be sure to rinse and dry items before returning them to the cage.

Next steps when cleaning vet dog kennels

Now that the kennel is cleared, you can work to remove dirt, fur, urine, and feces from the cage by scooping out large messes and rinsing the rest with hot water. If your system is designed with smart accessories, this part of the clean-up process will be much easier. Lifted grates keep things from getting smeared by keeping animals above their droppings, and kennel trench drains automatically drain urine, water, and any other liquids from the cage, so you don’t have to spend extra time soaking up liquids.

Once you’re ready to scrub, be sure to properly dilute your cleaning solution according to its label and apply the soapy mixture to every corner of the cage using a hard-bristled brush. Be sure to get in between latches, doors, kennel trough covers, and any other ledges, cracks, or joints. At TriStar Vet, we design our kennel trough covers with a “z-clip” design that makes it easy to remove during cleaning duties.

Once you’ve gotten into every crack and crevice, and you’ve allowed the cleaning solution enough time to sit and work its magic, it’s time to thoroughly rinse the cage with hot water and drain all of the cleaning solution out of the cage before placing the clean bowls, bedding, toys, and dog back inside the kennel.

Our durable veterinary dog kennels are easy to clean and maintain

If you’re interested in finding more efficient ways to keep your clinic cleaner, contact a TriStar specialist today at 877-459-7827. All of our products are designed with you in mind, creating products that make it easier for you and your staff to complete the daily chores that come with running a veterinary clinic, boarding facility, or other animal-based business.