Veterinary practices have told us without question: the best veterinary cat condo material is heavy-duty, type 304 stainless steel because it doesn’t warp and it’s extremely sanitary.

TriStar Vet customers appreciate the many benefits of stainless steel for every configuration, from stacked, tall cat condos to entire cat condo walls.

Whether you’re planning to install double-stacked cat condos with cabinets or triple-unit tall cat condo units, you can’t go wrong with heavy-duty stainless steel for these reasons:

  • Type 304 stainless steel is the most durable; that’s why we use it. This means the cat condo  floors don’t warp, and the condo doors never become misaligned — even in tall cat condos!
  • Stainless steel is SOLID (not porous), so animal fluids, food and cleaning solutions can’t undermine its surface integrity over time (inferior laminates eventually peel, fade and crack)
  • Stainless steel can be welded for extra strength. In fact, all our stainless steel cat condos are fully welded for seamless edges and corners that don’t trap urine, fur or litter.
  • Plus our exclusive urine-retaining front edges and vertical portals prevent dripping into lower units

If you’d like to the best cat condo units for your practice…

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