The Importance of Dog Grooming During the Winter

It is common for dog owners to assume that grooming isn’t necessary during the winter months. However, even if your pet doesn’t spend as much time outdoors, it is still important. If you want to ensure that your pet doesn’t develop a tangled, matted coat of fur, continue to schedule routine grooming appointments all winter long—which will keep them healthy and happy

Why does grooming remain so crucial during the coldest time of the year? Here’s what you need to know as a dog owner.

Winter is hard on dogs

Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors have obvious issues to contend with, such as cold weather, harsh winds, and ice and snow—which takes a toll on sensitive paws. However, there are other problems. For example, rock salt is often used to melt snow, which can cause skin irritation or worse. In addition, even dogs that spend more of their time indoors can still be affected by the dryness of the air, which in turn dries out their skin. Regular grooming is one of the best ways to combat these common wintertime pitfalls.

You can help keep your pet safe

You can do several things as a dog owner to help protect your dog from potential winter problems. Whenever your dog comes in from the outdoors, pat them down with a towel to remove any dampness their fur has picked up. You may also want to gently wipe their paws. You can also brush them regularly to keep their fur from getting matted. Giving your dog baths at home, using a pet-friendly shampoo is also a good idea.

Professional grooming can be beneficial for your dog

You should also take your dog to a professional groomer, who can brush them, trim their nails, clean their ears, and remove any tangles or mats. Ask your veterinarian how often you should do this—long-haired dogs generally need to be groomed more frequently than short-haired ones. Going for a regular grooming session can even be a fun experience for dogs– especially if the weather is cold and they cannot go outdoors as much as they normally would. Again, an experienced professional ensures that Fido has a positive experience during their visit.

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