How to Start a Dog Kennel for Breeding

New breeders should begin by designing and building a kennel to fit the needs of the particular dog they are breeding—from puppy to adult. A breeder should also consider how the kennel will affect the health, behavior, and happiness of their litters. Improperly designed kennels can lead to illnesses, behavioral problems, inhumane conditions, and costly corrections. 

To ensure you have a safe and healthy kennel, you should cross-check the following:


Your kennel should have plenty of airflow, both inside and outside of the cages. When you have a lot of dogs in a small enclosed area, both smells and airborne microparticles can start to build up. Without ventilation, this can not only create unbearable odors but can also lead to the spread of illnesses.


When sizing your kennels, you should think of the “Goldilocks” rule; not too big, not too small. If your dogs have too much space to roam inside their cage, they may become more difficult to train. Too small, and the cage becomes uncomfortable, inhumane, and can cause detrimental behavioral issues. Ideally, outdoor kennels should be skinny and long, allowing space to move while still encouraging them to use only one side as the bathroom. Indoor or temporary-use kennels should provide just enough space for the dog to stand up and turn around with several inches to spare. Using dividers can help to adjust sizes as your litter of pups grow from stage to stage.


Choosing kennels made of durable materials, like stainless steel, can help to increase the safety, longevity, and cleanliness of your kennel. While plastic cages may save a bit of money upfront, they are easily broken and scratched, which can hurt playful puppies. Plastic also tends to absorb liquids, meaning that urine, feces, and spills can set into the plastic and create unsightly appearances, foul odors, and health concerns.


Sometimes the smallest feature can save you a lot of time (and mess). Choosing cages that feature easy slide-out trays, lifted floors, and drain trenches make cleaning a quick and easy job. It also prevents urine and feces from building up in the cage, which can lead to messy puppies and possible illnesses.

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