Is Doggy Daycare Good for Dogs?

Doggy daycare can be very good for dogs. In order for them to live their best possible life, dogs need a great deal of mental stimulation and physical exercise every day. They also need the irreplaceable experience of interacting with others of their own species. It can be difficult for puppy parents to fully meet their dog’s emotional, mental, and physical needs, especially if the human caretakers must work outside the home for most of the week.

Doggy daycare is a particularly good option for large, active breeds that require vigorous exercise. It isn’t easy for a typical puppy parent to meet a large breed’s exercise requirements, especially if the caretaker only has time for one walk a day. Doggy daycare offers these dogs plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs in the dog run and romp around the yard with their companions.

Doggy daycare for puppies

Even for puppies that don’t require a lot of exercise, doggy daycare can be an excellent choice. Young puppies have trouble delaying their potty breaks until their humans come home from work. If they are cared for at a facility, puppies can get as many trips outdoors as they need.

Emotional and mental health benefits

Beyond exercise, doggy daycare offers important emotional and mental health benefits. Dogs are naturally pack animals. If they are kept at home alone all day, they get lonely. The lack of social connections and companionship is harmful for a dog’s well-being. It can also lead to undesirable and destructive behaviors, like incessant barking and scratching at the furniture and door trim. In addition, dogs have a natural need for environmental variations. That is, they get bored if they see the same things every day. Doggy daycare provides a rich, stimulating environment in which pups can enjoy the company of their friends.

The importance of selecting a good facility

Of course, it’s important to choose the right doggy daycare. Choosing the wrong doggy daycare can be harmful for your pup. Word of mouth referrals can be trustworthy, so talk to friends and family members who use these facilities and find out which ones they would or wouldn’t recommend. Before choosing a facility, you should visit it in person. Consider the following: Is it clean? Are the kennels and bathing rooms equipped with floor trench drains to prevent standing water or messes from attracting flies? Is there plenty of space for the dogs to run and play? Are there toys available? Are the staff members well-trained, friendly, and genuinely affectionate toward the dogs? Choosing the right doggy daycare can give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pup is being well cared for within an enriching environment.