Products Overview:

Stainless steel veterinary equipment / supplies that perform beautifully during exams and treatment


Designed for busy practices: veterinary exam room and treatment equipment featuring our patented Water-Flo top, a fluid-rinsing system that dramatically reduces cleanup time.


“We are building a new clinic and have had to work with many suppliers. Your service has been head and shoulders above the others. I wish all companies operated at your level.” — Dr. Eric Stone

While working with veterinary teams, our designers realized that precious time is wasted on cleaning tables between procedures. So we engineered a solution. Our patented Water-Flo system dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to clean up after a procedure because you can rinse blood and other matter off the surface before it dries. Vet Techs and practitioners love it because it saves time and money! This is just one of the special designs we’ve created for you.

Our stainless steel veterinary exam room/treatment equipment comes with multiple features and configurations that support efficient medical and dental procedures.

  • Maximum durability (the heaviest-gauge stainless steel in the industry!): Cabinets are made from 18GA (gauge) stainless for decades of stability and performance
  • Easy access to supplies and plumbing through our two-door design and pass-through drawers Positive drainage through our 16 gauge tub that slopes from 3” D to 4” D at drain
  • Super comfortable to work around, with radius knee space and recessed toe space under the cabinet
  • Even the lift off door hinges are stainless steel so bacteria can’t thrive in hard to reach places
  • Stainless steel grate included
  • Available in custom sizes

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