TriStar Vet has been shaking up the veterinary equipment industry with our innovative designs, focused on superior functionality, ergonomic comfort, and unbeatable durability. Our veterinary exam room equipment offers features intended to save time and spare your aching back. It’s also designed to be easily sanitized, enabling you to better care for your patients and create a sterling reputation for your veterinary, boarding facility, animal shelter, or doggy daycare facility.

Wall Mounted Tables

Space is always at a premium in animal shelters and busy veterinary practices. TriStar Vet’s wall mounted tables are designed to capitalize on every square foot. Choose from our side-folding, fold-up, fold down, or fixed-wall wall mount tables to perfectly fit your unique floor plan while optimizing the flow of traffic.

All exam tops are crafted from highly durable 18-gauge stainless steel. A marine edge comes standard on all tops to keep fluids from spilling on the floor. This supports the sterility of the facility and also reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Exam Room Cabinets

TriStar Vet’s exam room cabinets are fully customizable to fit your practice’s needs. We build them with 16-gauge type 304 stainless steel, so you can trust them to last for years to come. Choose the 6-drawer cabinet for under your exam table, and choose from left or right knee space configurations. Need a larger storage space? Swap out three of the cabinets for a door instead. We also offer medical pass-thru cabinets and pass-thru window cabinets, enabling you to easily see what’s inside at a glance.

Our lower and upper exam room cabinets feature lift-off hinges for easy cleaning. Similarly, all units feature adjustable stainless steel shelves. To maximize sanitation, our fabrication team hand-grinds and polishes all welds.


No exam room is complete without digital veterinary scales. TriStar Vet proudly offers a line of reliable floor, feline, and equine scales.

  • Feline scale: Big enough for the largest housecat, yet compact and lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.
  • Floor scale: With a 500 lb. capacity, this floor scale is tough enough to weigh any size dog. Plus, veterinarians love the “Hold” feature to ensure accuracy!
  • Equine scale: This low-profile scale features protective matting to keep hooves safe. It has a 3,000 lb. capacity.

TriStar Vet invites you to experience our highly functional, space-saving designs for yourself. Whatever your veterinary practice or animal shelter needs, you can find it at TriStar Vet. Our vet exam equipment is proudly made in the USA, and ships to the USA and Canada. Get in touch today to place your order or request a complimentary catalog.

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