Veterinary Equipment Solutions in Stainless Steel
Veterinary Tables

No matter what type of veterinary table you need —you’ll find the perfect configuration here

TriStar Vet is pleased to offer our line of exceptionally durable and versatile dry/wet veterinary tables. Inspired by the input of veterinarians and designed for better ergonomics, our full range of wall mount, transport, lift, surgery, and exam tables will exceed your expectations.

Each of our products is born from a thorough, veterinary-focused design process. We start with the heaviest gauge of stainless steel available, add inventive extras like removable pans and rounded corners, and, lastly, we implement exhaustive quality control and field testing protocols to ensure each of our vet tables is safe for animals, practical for the clinic, and sufficiently durable to last for the lifetime of the practice.

Wall mount veterinary tables

Our vet-friendly designs maximize space for busy practices, while providing ergonomic wet/dry work surfaces. Choose from our side fold down, end fold down, end fold up, and fixed vet tables mounted conveniently to the wall. All of our non-fixed wall mount tables feature effortless maneuvering capabilities, thanks to smart hydraulics. Wet tables feature raised marine edges for better sanitation.

Transport and mobile lift vet tables

Stability is crucial when transporting animals both large and small. You can count on the safety of TriStar Vet’s veterinary transport tables. Our transport table and electric mobile lift table are built with 16-gauge stainless steel, welded for maximum stability and durability. Vets will appreciate the adjustable tie-down cleats and the optional, two-hook IV pole. Both models also feature reliable locking casters to keep every patient safe.

Veterinary tables for surgery

When veterinarians and vet techs talk about their surgery-related challenges, we listen closely. Patient positioning, secure and comfortable patient restraints, and ergonomic support for the humans are all top priorities, and TriStar Vet has made a line of surgical tables that meet these needs. Our V-top and flat top surgery tables are easily adjustable to any tilt you need. These vet tables feature a side restraint system with cam cleat tie-downs and fluid collecting troughs to support the safety and health of your patients.

Exam and treatment veterinary tables

TriStar Vet understands that busy vets and vet techs need more out of an exam table than just the tabletop. We’ve designed our exam and treatment tables with versatility and efficiency in mind, with plenty of drawers, shelving, and pail hooks. Our utility tables feature strong casters that let you put them to work anywhere in your practice.

Vet tables for animal grooming

Professional groomers love TriStar Vet’s electric lowboy grooming table. Move it as needed and lock it in place. A simple, foot-operated mechanism raises and lowers the table, and the secure post and clamp system keeps animals safe.

TriStar Vet would like to give you a free personal consultation to discuss how our wall mount, mobile, and lift veterinary tables will make your practice more efficient and safe.

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